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Naslov: hi - SDR Listen
Poruka od: TA1ODM 09.12.2017 16:34:31

I am a Turkish SDR listener, yesterday i heard a very enjoyable QSO work on the WEBSDR. This delightful station YU1XA :)

I've been listening to SDR for a long time, the most beautiful station I've heard in a long time. Very responsive to other stations.

The most enjoyable part of being a radio operator is to hear voices from other geographies, sometimes it gives you a lot of listening.. Which we thought were great things last night :)

It was a very nice example HF / QSO for us TX and RX
Thank you so much for giving us this pleasure. If you send him this message, I would appreciate :)

Thank you for my country (TA1) With respect and love! TA1ODM (old callsign TB1PKW) 73
Naslov: Odg: hi - SDR Listen
Poruka od: YT9TP 03.02.2018 09:48:35
YU1XA is old school and he really enjoys DX-ing.

Naslov: Odg: hi - SDR Listen
Poruka od: TA1ODM 26.03.2018 20:55:34
hi  :)

I'm sorry I wrote a late answer. yes, i witnessed this situation.

greetings to you and your country again.

with love from the region 73!