Autor Tema: 2012 ARDF World Championships Kopaonik, Serbia, September 10 - 16, 2012  (Pročitano 33534 puta)

Van mreže YT9TP

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  • Poruke: 724
  • Portable, mobile, QRP
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  • Operator: Peđa
  • QTH: Užice
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It has medieval castles, monasteries and natural hot springs.  The forests are full of pines, furs, oaks and Balkan beech.  In those trees are Scops Owls, Red-tailed Shrikes and Wood Larks.  This is Kopaonik (pronounced "kuh-POH-nik"), a mountain range in central Serbia, just north of Kosovo.  For 160 days a year, snow covers these mountains and attracts visitors from all over Europe and the UK to its two dozen ski lifts, as well as sleigh rides, Ski-Doos and ice skating.  But in September 2012, Kopaonik hosted hundreds of fans of on-foot hidden transmitter hunting, also called foxtailing, radio-orienteering and ARDF.

Fifteen countries have hosted the World Championships since the first one in 1980.  This was the first time for the Amateur Radio Union of Serbia (SRS) to host and everyone agreed that it had never been done better.

Jay Hennigan WB6RDV of Goleta, CA told me, "It was extremely well organized and executed.  I had more fun than at any World Championships before."  This was Jay's fifth World Championships.  His passport has stamps from trips to championships in Croatia, Korea, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.  He earned his position on ARDF Team USA 2012 by capturing three gold medals and one silver medal in the 2011 and 2012 USA ARDF Championships.